Software Engineering Consultancy

Expert, Reliable Software and Web Development Services

Software Engineering Consultancy

Expert, Reliable Software and Web Development Services

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Cyber Essentials Certified Company

App Software Ltd is a UK based bespoke software engineering consultancy founded in 2009 with extensive experience building and managing software projects covering a wide range of application types. We have worked with businesses and government organisations of all sizes in a wide range of industries.

Our specialisation is in bespoke software development projects. We build, adapt, integrate and maintain web and desktop applications, APIs, databases, cloud services and much more. We have the experience to take on the most demanding of projects and deliver robust, secure, aesthetic and performant solutions that meet and exceed expectations.

"Gareth rapidly understood the ecosystem and helped us get back on track to smoothly extend and modernise the existing .NET based systems to enable a move into new global markets. At the same time he brought his expertise creating the foundation for the system to grow beyond the initially designed program."

John Lamazares, Development Manager, Dyson Limited

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How We Ensure the Success of Software Projects

  • We work closely with stakeholders to ensure requirements are clearly understood and compliance goals are met. We pride ourselves on clear prompt communication that helps to keep software projects flowing smoothly.
  • We truly embrace agile software development principles and methodology because we know that it is challenging to understand the full details of a project at its conception. We know that software teams need to learn as a project progress through feedback and review processes.
  • Along with core project deliverables, we build and maintain automated test harnesses for all projects. This facilitates efficient, regular, comprehensive testing of software solutions and components so as to verify requirements are met, bugs are minimised, edge cases are covered and to allow us to make changes confidently with minimal reliance on expensive manual testing.
  • We use wherever possible robust battle-tested technologies that help to ensure reliable low maintenance software for optimal performance and minimal downtime.
  • We leverage our experience in building and maintaining complex software solution, always adhering to best practices around application architecture (including microservices where appropriate), logging and error handling to ensure the delivery of robust systems.
  • Where appropriate we maintain multiple staging environments so as to give stakeholders the earliest possible access to software deliverables to aid with the communication process and help establish fit with existing systems and processes.
  • We prioritise modern tooling to make the software development and testing process as efficient as possible.
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Recent Products and Open Source Projects

Lightweight notes and publishing, anywhere

Sections, entries and file management enable you to organise your journalling and note taking productively. Use the simple markdown text format to create entries quickly with minimal fuss. 'Zero knowledge' encryption keys help you to keep secure information in encrypted journals where required, while the ability to make entries public allows you to turn your notes into blog entries at the click of a button.

Licence Key Generation and Verification for .NET

A common requirement for software vendors is the inclusion of a system for generating and verifying passwords, which can be bundled with distributed desktop software, or for granting access to online services. App Software's .NET Licence Key Generator provides a robust, lightweight and tested means of solving this problem.

.NET Licence Key Generator implements a 'Partial Number Verification System', which along with other features, provides a defence against key generators which may be built to attempt to crack your licence key system.

A C# wrapper for the JavaScript LaTeX type setting library for use in .NET

Katex Sharp Runner is a wrapper for the JavaScript LaTeX type setting library in C# / .NET

KaTeX sharp runner facilitates running of the KaTeX library renderToString function in .NET projects. It achieves this by wrapping the JS KaTeX library with the Jint JavaScript interpreter engine and managing thread safety.

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