Specialising in Microsoft .NET technology stack development (C#, ASP.NET, MVC and supporting technologies)

AppSoftware Limited is an independent software consultancy based in Westbury, Wiltshire (UK), primarily serving businesses in the South West of England. Software Engineers are available to work on site or remotely on a range of project types. Our specialisation is in the Microsoft .NET technology stack and supporting web technologies, particularly web applications, API development and microservices.

We supply software development service to companies ranging in size from small local businesses to large multinational corporations. The project types undertaken may include new (greenfield) development as well as extensions and maintenance work for existing systems built by ourselves or 3rd parties. Our range of skills cover the 'full stack', allowing us to confidently undertake work on both backend service development and front end user interface (UI) design.

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"AppSoftware Developer (Gareth) rapidly understood the ecosystem and helped us get back on track to smoothly extend and modernise the existing .NET based systems to enable a move into new global markets. At the same time he brought his expertise creating the foundation for the system to grow beyond the initially designed program - John Lamazares, Development Manager, Dyson Limited"
Bespoke Software Development
Bespoke software

At AppSoftware we develop software and services using our own bespoke platforms built from scratch, backed by the best software development platforms and tools available. From requirements gathering to process advice through to implementation, AppSoftware can manage the full project cycle to ensure the satisfaction of your business needs.

Project requirements and the full set of challenges are rarely known to their full extent at project inception, so we are committed to working in a responsive, agile manner that keeps the client close and in control of the final product.

Business Process Design
Software design

With over 10 years experience developing systems for clients in a range of industry sectors, we have a wealth of knowledge that we can use to contribute ideas to help develop the best software supported business processes to help your business achieve its goals.

Far from focusing just on technology and code, we can help to see you through complex issues such as compliance, payment and data processing and the integration of your product with external systems and 3rd party products.

Existing Project Maintenance
Software maintenance

Successful businesses use software that stands the test of time. Most systems find that they need to grow and adapt to changes in the business in which they are used.

AppSoftware are experienced in managing existing projects initially created by 3rd parties and extending the software to accommodate new business needs while ensuring that robust testing is carried out to ensure the minimal likelihood of breaking changes.

Where project rebuilds and moves to more recent technology are required, we have the skills to map requirements from existing software. However where the maintenance of existing software is required or desirable, we are always keen to respect working software and cost effective maintenance of existing code where possible.

Project Recovery
Software project rescue

Software development is complicated and the skill level and experience among agencies and individual contractors varies. AppSoftware have the experience to be able to take failing projects and identify what needs to be done to move them back on track in the most cost and time efficient manner.

With an emphasis on soft skills as well as solid software development competence, we are able to work and communicate with businesses and 3rd parties to recover the information required to be able to take over and redirect projects that are experiencing problems.